Friday, January 31, 2014

Domestic Dog History

Domestic Dog:

Dog were the first animal which is fed by humans around thousand of year ago. Today’s all domestic dog's ancestors are South Asian Wolf. Around hundreds of different dogs bred are available, in which some of them are not fit to survive as wild animal like wolves, they are for only according to the need of humans and they all are of different shapes and sizes..

All domestic dogs also still showing some behavior of their ancestors (Wolves), Such As

·         They fight and take care of their territories
·         They always mark their territories by urinating on trees.

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If we talk about the way of communication of dog. They did it in many ways, such as follows:

Physical Appearance
  • ·         Body Position
  • ·         Movements (Tail And Ears)
  • ·         Facial Expression

Vocal Method:
  • ·         Barks, growls. Whines

The Reasons for keeping dogs as domestic animals:
  • ·         They work as a guard of the home
  • ·         Perform important role in the rescue
  • ·         Help in hunting
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So at least we can say that “Dog is the Best friend of man”.

But as we talk a lot about dog ancestors and present role of dogs in our life.. But still they also need favor from us. Such as  they are not able to say what they need..

They never ask for any special treatment or care, but… they all are living being and we have to take care of them such as regular checkup, proper vaccination, healthy diet and regular exercise.

If you have any dog as your pet, so must concern to the Best Veterinarian Clinic for suggestion or query about your dog’s health….

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Such visits to veterinarian help your dog to lead a happy, healthy and long life…